RISE Training & Coaching Intensive (TCI)

Equipping public and private agency trainers/content-area “holders” with the tools to deliver the RISE evidence-informed curriculum

Using a train-the-trainer model, we equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver RISE’s core LGBTQ+ Responsiveness Training. Through 40 hours of activities, field scenarios, lecture, group work, and experiential training, trainers will learn:

  • Concepts related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression (SOGIE);
  • Strategies for managing participants;
  • Assessing trainee/agency needs;
  • Tactics for challenging anti-LGBTQ+ stereotypes and biases.

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Participating in the RISE Train the Trainers program was such an amazing yet challenging experience.

I got the opportunity to take a deep dive into curriculum specially developed to increase my competency and skills around supporting LGBTQ clients and providing safe and respectful environments for all. Completing this course has given me the foundational knowledge needed to effectively train the staff at my agency, with the larger goal of supporting LGBTQ clients, and continuing to remove barriers to permanency through education and awareness.

– Chelsea, Training Coordinator

The RISE Training was more than we had ever expected and left us feeling invigorated as we moved towards implementing best practices within our own Youth Resource Center.

[The trainers] were incredibly supportive and skilled trainers who made the process both interesting and fun. Without judgement or criticism, these coaches supported our development that left us feeling fulfilled at the end of the five days. I highly recommend this training to any persons working with youth in systems of care. Thank you!

– Kimbralee, Program Supervisor

This program is not an ordinary training.

This is a profound experience that comes with the responsibility to educate others and advocate for youth. I urge as many professionals as possible to consider participating in the program, so we can spread the information/knowledge to ensure better future.

– Shiho, Maryland Department of Human Services

The [Training & Coaching Intensive] program went above and beyond my expectations.

This program not only provides one with more information of the LGBTQ population but gives you the tools and resources to be able to advocate for youth in systems of care. This training promotes competency and allows one to be able to clearly train other professionals, stakeholders, and individuals in our community on how to best serve this population and advocate for their needs. It also emphasizes the need for this program, by showing you the statistics and the need to give LGBTQ youth in systems of care a voice and the ability to get the treatment they deserve.

– Anonymous